Interlock Bracket Attachment

Rody Shu

Stone Honeycomb Panels are extensively used for interior and exterior wall cladding for projects. A correct drawing is useful for workers to install the project at the job site. It will enhance workers' efficiency and save a lot of labor and time. With correct instruction estimated one worker can install about 1000 square feet stone honeycomb panels onto wall in 8 hours per day on average. Basically the interlock bracket clips for stone honeycomb panels were cut at 4 inch long each. And then each one interlock bracket clip was fixed onto the back side of stone honeycomb panel as per drawings at least with 4 rivets or up to 6 rivets. Weight of stone honeycomb panel is about 2.5LBS/SF while the gear strength of one rivet is about 110 pounds. One stone honeycomb panel needs at least 2 interlock bracket clips at the back side, that depends on size of the panel, the bigger size stone honeycomb panel is, the more interlock bracket clips needed, small size stone honeycomb panel only needs 2 interlock bracket clips,While big size stone honeycomb panel needs at least 4 interlock bracket clips or more. Once all interlock bracket clips were fixed onto the back side of stone honeycomb panel as per drawing, then just hang up the stone panels onto interlock bracket rails on wall. It is easy and makes the installation with no sweats.

01-Bracket Attachment for exterior cladding.jpg