Processing Stone Honeycomb Panels

Rody Shu

The process of Stone Honeycomb Panels is difficult and much more complicated than making dimensional solid stone slabs.

Once an order is concluded and customer paid down deposit for the order, We need to source and select good quality stone slabs on the market immediately and label the slabs in order. Supposed we are not able to get suitable slabs on the market, then we shall have to source and purchase blocks to instead and then cut the blocks into slabs and label them in order.


At the same time, We shall also prepare aluminum honeycomb panels for the order.

After getting stone slabs, We need to calibrate all the slabs on both sides to insure each slab is flat and straight, then precut those slabs to proper sizes, but need to make sure all those precut slab sizes are about 1" larger than order specified sizes both on width and height. After cutting all those slabs to sizes, We need to keep them dry before composition.

Meanwhile we need to grind one side of the aluminum honeycomb panel, so that the epoxy can catch up the aluminum honeycomb panel and stone veneer together tightly when they are composited together. After grinding, all those honeycomb panels are also need to be precut to proper sizes the same as the above stone slabs and then keep them dry.


Once all the materials are get ready, then we can start to use epoxy to composite those precut stone slabs and aluminum honeycomb panels. The epoxy that we used for composite is an AB epoxy, to insure every square foot area has the same volume of epoxy applied, we should weight A epoxy and B epoxy each time in the process, then mix A epoxy and B epoxy together purely with a mixer. All the mixed epoxy should be used up within 30 minutues.

After that apply the epoxy onto the surface of aluminum honeycomb panels and both sides of the stone slabs and composite them together immediately, then put them into press equipment. Thus the air bubbles will be eliminated and superfluous epoxy will overflow from all 4 sides of the stone honeycomb panels.


The epoxy will cure in about 8 hours, after epoxy cured, the stone honeycomb panels will be taken out from press equipment and moved to next station to split. Once the stone honeycomb panels are splitted in the middle, we shall get 2 faces from each. QC people there will inspect each one panel and move them to next station.

Afterwards each one stone honeycomb panel will be put into calibration machine to calibrate to ensure that all the stone panels we make are flat with even thickness. After calibrating, QC people there will inspect all the stone honeycomb panels one by one and then move them to next station and keep them dry.

Then we shall apply an epoxy onto surface of the stone veneer to fill the pits of the stone. when epoxy cured,move them to next station to polish or make other texture finish for the stone.

Later cutting the stone honeycomb panels to ultimate sizes as per shop drawings, QC people there inspect and check the products one by one and then move them to packaging station.


Before packaging, QC people there will clean stone honeycomb panels first and inspect them there one by one. Finally all those qualified stone honeycomb panels will be packed into wooden crates. Thus the stone honeycomb panel order is ready. But before shipment, we need to put labels with packing details onto each one wooden crate and then ship the order to customer.

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